Title: Latitude Zero
By: Monique Stauder
Publisher: Schilt Publishing

“In mid-November 2000 I happened to be in a village of indigenous Secoya people on the Aguarico River, deep in the rainforest in the Oriente Province of Ecuador. I was laboring under the misapprehension that I was pretty far off the map. No sensible traveler should ever think this. There is always someone who has gone farther, and except for a happy accident you will never know that person’s name. The nearest town up-river was the miserable oil-depot of Lago Agrio, and there early one hot morning I met a young gringita with the looks of a gypsy princess and a number of expensive cameras. This was Monique Stauder.” Extract from Paul Theroux’s foreword in Latitude Zero.
Monique Stauder has spend three years documenting life in the countries that lie within one degree of the equator.