Title: Annual Report Stichting Vluchteling
Published in June 2007

Heijdens Karwei designed the Annual Report of Stichting Vluchteling, a Dutch refugee organization. Using used plastic bags in the cover, the first page of the report says: “A piece of plastic. A bag that is of no more use. We don’t see its value. But for a lot of refugees, worldwide, such bags can be a wall ¬– their only protection against the burning sun, gales or rain. And against disease, war and violence. 33 million people are displaced from their homes and live in hovels made from plastic bags, branches and garbage. For many of them, it is their only possession. That is why we believe this plastic book cover is good enough for our Annual Report 2006.” Henk J. Th. van Stokkom, managing director of Van Stokkom, Management and Advice for Grant

Making Trusts and Foundations, said about the report: “The style, layout and use of black
and white are a breath of fresh air.”

The annual report was part of the selection of best Dutch design in 2007
It was also nominated as one of the 9 best designed Dutch annual reports
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